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We are team of traders and devlopers trying to build an easy to use algotrading platform.

Join the algotrading revolution with QuantBot

At QuantBot you will get the tools used by BIG PLAYERS at your fingertip, come and join the revolution at no cost*

  • Highly secure server located in Mumbai
  • Fastest possible trade execution in Indian Market
  • Simultanious trade execution in multiple Brokers and Multiple accounts

Our mission is to create an easy to use algotrading platform mainly for retail traders and make them get the best out of it. Technology is out primary edge and the market is dominated by algorithmic trading, take the fast movers advantage.


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Services we offer

Trade Automation

Automate trade from Tradingview with your own strategy to your broker account

Multiple accounts

Place trades in multiple accounts with different quantities

Multiple Brokers

Place trades in multiple broker accounts simultaniously

Automated Login

Add your broker account and enjoy the aumated loging on every trading day

Auto Strike Price

Create auto strike price strategies from Tradingview based on spot price

Ultimate Customization

Get your own dashboard based on your requiremets with unlimited customization features

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